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Premier Marketing Experts LLC, where great marketing is great business™, is a web design and SEO company driven to provide great results online for small businesses, entrepreneurs, public figures, contractors and many other business types. Our goal is to help you catapult your presence online for added exposure, customer traffic or sales leads. Great marketing is indeed great business and it is our goal to show you just that. 

Business Consultations

Starting a company is only the beginning. While many people are out there making business ownership look "cute", it's not easy. Most businesses fail within 5 years. Some people go bankrupt trying to pursue their dream. If only they had guidance before they starting disintegrating their funds. The concept is generally NOT the issue. It's poor execution. Premier Marketing Experts is your solution to an ongoing issue. We offer one-on-one consults with detailed instructions on exactly what you need to do to get started, when you need to do it and how. Stop spinning your wheels and get the help you need. Use coupon code: MKTPME17 to get a free 1 hour consultation ($100 Value). Slots are limited. Basic consults are only 20 minutes, so take advantage while you can. Contact us to get your consult today.

Website Design

Ever heard of that recent saying, Content is king? Well, it's true. Anyone can create a website for free online. They can also make it look really cute and it might even serve their purpose. But before you think the battle has been won or the journey is over, ask yourself this . . . is my content grabbing my audience? Is my message clear? Is my site converting viewers to buyers? When was the last time I made a sale? A cute website is simply not enough. The public is fickle and has very short attention spans. Great content will grab your demographic and will keep them if you are consistent. We can do the heavy lifting for you. Use coupon code: MMWEB17 to get FREE newsletter automation setup with your website purchase. We also have payment plans available. Ask us about our courtesy website audit. Email us or fill out our contact form on our site.

Search Engine Optimization

Ever wonder why someone's website looks like crap yet, they are making a lot of money and are getting a ton of web traffic? Search Engine Optimization a.k.a. SEO. There so many great looking sites out there on the worldwide web and no one even knows they exist. Why? Because of several reasons and most of them falling under the umbrella of not being properly optimized. People don't understand it so they think they don't need it. Think of it this way. Let's say the internet is a kingdom. Do you know who the king is? Google. So with Google being the king, the king has certain rules. Follow them and you are rewarded with riches (a highly ranked website). Break the rules and you are punished (being blacklisted or too far down the list). It's just that simple. Don't over think it. Yes, you need it. Use coupon code: MMSEO17 for $50 off the first payment.

Premier Marketing Experts Founder - LaShina Mack

LASHINA MACK, Founder of Premier Marketing Experts based out of Gainesville, FL


The time will pass anyway. You might as well use it to be better. Remember, you can’t get it back.
— LaShina Mack