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NUDZ Our Story

We have a simple mission at Nudz: to redefine nude and banish beige as the default standard in the intimate apparel industry.
With The New Nudes we are challenging the lingerie industry's narrow definition of 'nude' by offering women of all colors the freedom of choice in a skin tone that is uniquely their own with perfect fit and style. Inspired by the beautiful hues of ten well-known celebrities: Scarlett, Sophia, Adriana, Eva, Zoe, Kerry, Gabrielle, Tika, Lupita and Alek, the collection incorporates shades ranging from ivory to caramel, cocoa to naturally sun-kissed and everything in between. Our debut collection of beautifully designed, non-molded and non-padded bras were created to address many women’s common frustration regarding size, fit and color and confront the reality that what is nude for one woman isn’t nude for another. 

NUDZ Intimate Apparel bras


With our introductory Essentials bra we combined the lift and shape of a balconette bra with the versatility of a convertible-strapless. While designed to be worn primarily as a strapless this non-padded, non-molded bra also comes with detachable straps which allow it to be worn in a classic, criss-cross or halter style.

  • 92% nylon 8% lycra
  • Made in Colombia
  • Silicone gripper on band
  • Hand wash cold, Line dry
  • Style No. 11101
NUDZ Intimate Apparel Panties


Are you constantly on the hunt for the perfect bikini?
Our all-over microfiber mesh bikini is the solution. Designed to be barely felt, it is airy, lightweight, and perfect as an everyday staple. It's composed of a single layer of mesh and has stretch elastic at the waist and legs.

  • 82% nylon, 18% elastane
  • Made in Colombia
  • Hand wash cold, Line dry
  • Style No. 11202


NUDZ Founder Sheila Donaldson

SHEILA DONALDSON, NUDZ Founder based out of Miami, FL


The origin of Nudz began in February 2013, on a typical Miami winter night - average daytime highs in the mid 70s; nighttime lows in the 50s. While preparing for a night out on the town with one of my oldest and dearest friends (nickname Blondie), I faced the typical woman dilemma – a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear.

Eventually, I settled on a strapless dress. The problem? This particular dress exposed part of my back and I did not want my look ruined. So, after a long sip of my Vesper martini, I thought to myself “if only I had a brown, strapless bra!”

You see my ‘birthday suit’ is not at all like the beige bras that define ‘nude’ in the intimate apparel industry. My nude is much closer to a chocolate covered espresso bean. And thus, as for millions of women of color, the only option for my skin tone was a black bra.

Later that evening, when ranting to Blondie about the ‘nude’ vs. black dilemma she responded “But my nude is also not beige!” And in fact, she’s closer to an ivory-tinted, salt water pearl. What I came to realize that night is that what is nude for one woman isn’t nude for another.

And thus began the hatching of a plan to #BanishBeige and redefine nude because #NudeDoesNotEqualBeige.