Blud Sweat Tearz Clothing

B.L.U.D. - Battle Life, Uncover Destiny. It's a statement. It's a purpose. It's a movement. Blud.Sweat.Tearz. is a brand that appeals to the individual who is making a mark. We offer multiple collections to showcase your individuality such as Blud Classic, Bld. Heart Inspired, BLUD Fire Within, Stoked Heroes, 15 Secs of Phlame, Blud Dove, SHErtified Boss and so much more. 

BludSweatTearz Sexy Bld Racerback Tank


Check out our stylish ladies' tanks, t-shirts, leggings, hoodies, SHErtified Boss mugs, and so much more. Even more new designs are coming out soon! 


Basketball players, weight lifters, skateboarders, personal trainers or just guys who want to look good, we have something for you. 

Kids Stoked Heroes Icon Shirt


Involve your kids in the movement too! Stylish t-shirts of different colors and styles. 

BludSweatTearz Founder - Alex Mack

ALEX MACK, Blud.Sweat.Tearz. Founder based out of Jacksonville, FL


Your adversity defines your mission.
— Alex Mack